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Meet Coach Taylor

Coaching Gymnastics is unique in so many ways. It's a profession that will never make you rich, requires you to take a lot of emotional baggage home with you, depends upon you being willing to be away from your family for a significant amount of time during meet season and is just overall extremely difficult. It takes a toll on your body, makes you constantly question whether or not you're doing the right thing for each individual child and means that your heart is split into hundreds of pieces as each kid takes a little bit with them every time they move on and retire. A lot of times coaches are overworked and under-appreciated. Having an amazing coaching team is essential for the success of any athlete and it's so important that parents are able to fully trust the intentions of the person who coaches their child.


Taylor started on my coaching staff in 2013. She had experience as a competitive cheerleader and grew up in the gym tumbling. When she started working for me she started coaching developmental gymnastics in the lower levels and quickly fell in love with the sport, the culture of our gym, and the purpose we served. She took the time to educate herself and passionately built her skill set while she worked her way through the ranks and started coaching our pre-team class. From there it became apparent quickly how beneficial she could be in our team department and we slowly transitioned her into the position she is in now, assistant team director and competitive team coach.

Through the years I have gotten to watch her grow into an accomplished competitive gymnastics coach. She has been critical in our team’s success and has proven time and time again her love for her students, the sport, and our programs are at the center of every choice she makes. If you ask any of the parents and athletes that work closely with Taylor they will tell you that she is hilarious, sassy, tough and dedicated. I would also assume they would tell you that she keeps everyone she knows on their toes, in and out of the gym, and you are never bored when you are around her.

Having her as a pivotal part of our management team has been one of the biggest blessings God could have ever given me.

Growing up together Taylor and I are in sync in a kind of way that provides our athletes with a truly unique coaching team. We often say the exact same corrections at the same time, and we think alike when it comes to technique. We have the same goals for our athletes and it truly makes us what feels like to be a dream team of sorts for our students. Taylor has spent years working towards becoming who she is as a coach, role model and leader for every kid that comes through our facility and I honestly could not be more proud of having her as an asset to our gym. Her focus on providing quality instruction in a safe environment with high expectations makes being in her class a true gift.

On a personal level, Taylor is an amazing mom and wife who balances her work and homelife incredibly well. She has a beautiful, smart, energetic and polite daughter named Myka and you will see her from time to time with the other staff kiddos or as we like to call them, gym rats, running around enjoying some playtime at their home away from home.

If you’re ever in our gym and see her, I hope that you can remember how hard she has worked to become who she is for your kids. I hope that you see the love that overflows her heart for her job and I hope you will always remember that having people in your children’s lives that they can look up to and who will love them, and care about them beyond being an athlete is absolutely priceless and that's exactly what you get from her when she is coaching your kids.

Taylors Certifications include:

U100: Fundamentals of Gymnastics Instruction

U101: Safety & Risk Management

U410: USA Gymnastics National Congress 2014-2016

U110: SafeSport Core Training

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