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Meet Coach Caylin

Coach Caylin is our Assistant Team Lazer Compeitive program Director and a former Team Lazer gymnast. Caylin spent 9 years on our team and has spent 3 years working as a coach. She is USA Gymnastics safety certified, safe sports certified and U100 certified and is constantly continuing education. Caylin believes in helping kids learn life lessons through the sport of gymnastics and absolutely loves her job! She is such an integral part of our Moseley Gymnastics Family and we are all incredibly proud to have her on staff! She recently helped Team Lazer earn an individual All around state title as well as a regional championship advancement and countless other state championship awards! Her passion for her students and this sport is so incredible evident when you watch her coach or talk to her about her students and she recently committed another year to Team Lazer and is excited to start a new season. We could never fully explain what a special place Caylin holds in our hearts as it is so special to see a gymnast come full circle and become a compeitive team coach! Her personality keeps us all laughing and she is one of the most integrity filled people we have ever come across! Thank you Coach Caylin for your dedication to your students, staff, and the sport of gymnastics! We love you!

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