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Alicyn Steffey: Entering a new season, in her last season..

Saying goodbye to athletes is the hardest part of this job, but watching them move on and go into life armed with the skills gymnastics has taught them is the biggest blessing I could ever ask for. Ali has been with us for 10 years and as she enters her senior year and her last season of gymnastics I have been reflecting on what an integral part of our team she has been and how she has grown and how we have grown with her. Ask any of our kids, they love Ali. They look up to Ali. They want to be like Ali. The thing is though, they want to be like her because of who she is- not just because she is an amazing athlete. She is strong, and coragous and responsible. She is self driven and knows how to set goals and work to acheieve them and handles dissapointment with grace and dignity. All features that i myself even as an adult admire about her.

As we enter her last season we have had our moments of “Last first meet of the season ever!” and “you have nothing to lose at this point, so go out there and kill it” but i also find her and I both avoiding the realization this is all coming to an end. We try not to talk about it to much, and even though her body and mind are tired from this daunting sport her soul is forever bounded to the sport of gymnastics. Its interesting to me how this last season has brought us all into a new one. A new one of just watching her chapter come to a close.

As she moves forward into this least season in gymnastics while also moving into a new one in her life i couldnt be more proud of the work we do here and the kids we get the be a part of. She is walking, talking, living proof that good parenting (Sean and Sheri, yall really should write a book!) and the sport of gymnastics can create some of the strongest, most well rounded and wonderful children and adults in the world. From the outside looking in its easy to just see a kid who has grown up and is graduating out of her sport. For us on the inside, its a tough transition full of beautiful moments and hard ”lasts”. She has a team of people around her who have loved, supported, and celebrated and mourned this sport with her for years and as i comes to an end- i think i speak for us all (her team mates, her coaches, her parents, the other gym parents) when i say that its been a beautiful and amazing ride, and we are all so blessed we got to watch.

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"When my youngest daughter started the gymnastics program at Moseley’s Gymnastics at the age of 9, she yearned to belong in a sport of some activity of her own.  Being the youngest sibling, she often just followed in the shadow of her older sister just participated in dance and softball.  She was just expected to be like her older sister.  Even though she also excelled in all the same sports and activities, she still wanted to do something that was just “hers”.  She wanted her own thing to do.

Moseley’s Gymnastics offered a free class to try.  We signed her up and she was immediately hooked.  She excelled through the levels. She was offered a chance to compete on Team Lazer and that is when she truly began to blossom.  Her self-confidence began to build and she became a very strong independent young woman.  Not only did her gymnastic skills grow, but she began to build lifelong work ethic skills, Christian based values, integrity and goal setting skills that are also traits of strong leaders that I could see she was becoming.

After only a few short 7 years, these leadership skills have enabled her become a team leader, a coach, and a person who the younger gymnasts truly look up to and admire.

As a parent I would love to take the credit for creating such a wonder young adult, but in reality I had very little to do with it.  Alicyn is a product of the program at Moseley Gymnastics. Without the values they instilled in her, she would not be the successful college student, employee, or leader that she is.  I owe them many thanks"

Sheri Wilson Gym Mom 2009- present 

"My daughter started going to Moseley’s Gymnastics at the age of 3, for 10 years.  This program taught my daughter much more than gymnastics. She learned skills like:  strength, mental toughness, self-confidence, focus, goal setting, time-management, and how to be coachable.  I have seen her and  many of her gym sisters use these skills to become amazing young ladies."

Sally Carlton Gym mom 2004-2014



"I have 2 daughters who have been involved with Moseley’s gymnastics and a total of about 20 years and it was the best decision I could have made to enroll them there. Our experience over the years at Moseley‘s has been very positive the impact has carried out into their young adulthood.The coaches emphasize setting goals work ethic and determination which they will Utilize as life skills in the future. I would highly recommend putting your children in to gymnastics at Moseley’s you will see the positive impact as your child grows I sure did!!" 

Anna Lacomb Gym Mom/ Grandma 2005- present